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The aim of this site is to give you, the internet visitor, information, resources, news and potentially tickets for commerical space travel.

Commercial Space Flights

Where are we now?

At the moment this is a reality which is a little way off, but not nearly as far as it seemed just 2 years ago. We are at the dawn of a brand new time in aviation history, in much the same way as our forefathers were 100 years ago when early aviators where trying to stay in the air. Technology has come on a long way since then, however space exploration seems to have slowed down since the space race in the 60's culminating in the moon landing in 1969. However we now have a new space race which is well and trully underway; the race to create commercially viable space travel and adventure, not only for the super rich, but for a much wider audience... for you and me.

With the success of SpaceShipOne, the winner of the Ansari X Prize, new investors have started to really consider space travel as a viable commercial venture, and where there's money to be made its amazing how quickly things progress.

So we hope you enjoy the site and find it a useful resource for discovering a little more about commercial space flights and the options that are available or will become available in only a few years time. We love to hear feedback from you so please leave us feedback or post a message in our forums and give us your views on the exciting future ahead of us in a world of space tourism.