Starchaser Industries Logo
Type Private
Founded 1992
Location Hyde, Cheshire, UK
Key People Steve Bennett
Employees n/a

Starchaser Industries

Starchaser Industries is a British company headed by CEO Steve Bennett, working on the development of rockets for commercial space access. Starchaser was founded in 1992 by Steve Bennett and is currently based in Hyde, Cheshire, UK.

Team Starchaser competed for the ANSARI X PRIZE until Burt Rutan of Scaled Composites won. Their design was called Thunderstar/Starchaser 5.

The largest rocket launched by the company so far is the 11m high Nova, which reached over 1600m altitude in November 2001. Nova was launched from Morecambe Bay. It was the largest private civilian rocket ever built and flown in Europe.

Other rocket series developed by Starchaser Industries include Discovery, Tempest and Sharp.

Outreach Program

Starchaser runs an educational outreach program. Schools in the UK can hire Starchaser representatives to transport the Nova rocket (on a truck) to the school and give a lectures on various space related topics. Outreach programs are aimed at both younger and older students. Some programs also include the students building small model rockets.

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