XCOR Aerospace Logo
Type Private
Founded September, 1999
Location Mojave, California
Key People Jeff Greason
Revenue n/a
Website http://www.xcor.com/

XCOR Aerospace

XCOR Aerospace is a private rocket engine and spaceflight development company based in Mojave, California at the Mojave Spaceport. It was formed by former members of the Rotary Rocket rocket engine development team in September, 1999.

XCOR is headed by Jeff Greason.

Notable projects have included:

  • EZ-Rocket, a Rutan Long-EZ homebuilt aircraft fitted with two 400 lbf (1.8 kN) thrust rocket engines replacing the normal propellor engine. EZ-Rocket has been flown at numerous airshows including the Oshkosh Airshow. The EZ-Rocket program led to the rocketplane design for the Rocket Racing League, which XCOR will be designing and building in 2005-2006.
  • Sphinx, the second rocketplane design to receive an FAA suborbital rocket license (the aircraft has not been built to date).
  • Tea cart engine, a 15 lbf (67 N) thrust rocket motor burning nitrous oxide and ethane, mounted on a small industrial cart. The tea cart engine has repeatedly been fired indoors at conferences and demonstrations and had accumulated over 1,100 firings and 6,000 seconds of run time by the end of 2003.
  • LOX-methane rocket engines in testing in 2005.
  • many other rocket engine projects.
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